When it comes to name cards, it is easy to print them through any printing shop nearby. However, among the thousands of name cards your customers go through, a well-designed card can grab attention for sure, but how about a card made from a special paper material? Or one with a special finishing?

That’s right, name cards made from the right printing material and finishing can not only give the best first impressions for you and your company, it is also the “cheat code” for eye-catching! For example, if you own an environment-friendly business, you can go for an eco-friendly material such as the kraft card instead. The selection of paper materials plus finishing of name cards is important and it all depends on the nature of your business. 

At Gogoprint, we have a wide variety of name cards so that you can have plenty of choices to go for. Without further ado, here is a brief rundown of our different types of name cards and their characteristics.


Standard Name Cards

As the name suggests, standard name card is the most common type of name card that is widely used among companies. As for the material, art cards are the most common material used for name cards. You can choose the thickness of the art card of your preference and go for finishings such as matte lamination, gloss lamination and soft touch lamination. 

If you wish to have a simple yet professional name card, this is the right card for you.


Spot Varnish Name Cards

Do you like shiny things? Then spot varnish name cards may be the card you’re looking for. 

Spot varnish name card consist of having a shiny, glossy coating on specific areas of the card. You can choose certain parts in your card to apply the spot varnish effect. For example, if you choose to have your logo to be spot varnished, your logo will have the glossy effect while the rest of the card remains normal. This can help highlight certain parts of your content that you want customers to see.


Hot Stamped Name Cards

If you like metallic colors, hot stamping name card is the card that shines among others. Hot stamping is a form of printing technique that consists of having a metallic colored foil transferred to a surface of the card at high temperatures. You can apply all kinds of color as long as we have it: gold, silver, rose gold, blue and more! Hot Stamping is usually used to give your card a nice, premium look. You can also use it to highlight certain areas such as your logo and typography.


Folded Name Cards

Folded name cards are similar to standard name cards, but they come with twice the space!

With folded name cards, you will have a wider canvas to work with, such as having more contacts, directions to your stores, or even images of your products. They are also great to be placed on tables as display.

**Do note our folded name cards are delivered flat with a creasing line, and do not come with a name card box.


Textured Name Cards

Textured name cards are cards printed with textured paper, in other words they come with a rough surface. They not only give your design a nice effect, they also can be touched and feel, giving your potential customers a nice, tangible and memorable object. 

This type of card does not need lamination, as it would defeat the purpose of their design.


Recycled Name Card

Do you love the environment? Or a fan of vintage or old school? Recycled name cards can be the optimal choice.

As the title suggests, this card is made from recycled paper materials, such as beyong paper or kraft card. Some are even made from FSC Papers, like Sensation Gloss Recycled or Keaykolour Snow White. These cards are great for eco-friendly companies or art-based businesses.

Just like textured name cards, these cards have a rough surface and do not need lamination.


Metal Name Cards

If you think paper materials are too mainstream, metal name card is the wild card to set yourself apart from the other cards. In our case, our metal name cards are glossy and black in color. As metal name cards cannot be printed on, they use other methods such as laser engraving to transfer any design onto the surface of the materials. 

**Due to the limitations of laser engravings, Metal Name Cards cannot have complicated elements like photos or gradient.


Translucent Name Cards

Want your company to show some transparency? :) Translucent name cards are another unique pick for great first impressions! This card is made from transparent plastic material, and there are even fully transparent or partially transparent variations. White ink can be printed on these amazing cards and the see-through feature is surely to grab anyone’s attention!

** Do note that there is no front and back printing for transparent name cards



We hope that the brief tour through our name cards catalog can help you choose the type of name cards that suits your business :) 

As long as you play your cards right, your name card will be sure to make you stand out better from the crowd. Just ensure that your design complements with the material plus finishing for that extra ‘oomph’. To see all of our materials and prices in one go, check out our website to get the overall picture!