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  • ProductBanners
  • Format150 x 100 cm
  • Paper typeTarpaulin 380g
  • Printing OptionOutdoor Printing
  • FinishingNone
  • RefinementEyelets
  • Quantitypieces
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  • Format150 x 100 cm
  • Paper typeTarpaulin 380g
  • Printing OptionOutdoor Printing
  • FinishingNone
  • RefinementEyelets
  • Largeformat ExtraNone
  • Quantity pieces
  • Expected Delivery
  • File format Free
  • File check Free
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  • Artwork files have to be uploaded before Tuesday, 12:00 PM. Late upload might lead to late delivery.
  • Only one artwork can be uploaded per order item.
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Product Details Banners

Print Banners Online

Print Banners with Gogoprint to:

  • Advertise your events
  • Advertise your products and/or special promotions
  • Decorate indoor/outdoor areas and help customers find their way
150 x 100 cm200 x 100 cm240 x 120 cm300 x 100 cm120 x 80 cm150 x 90 cm160 x 60 cm180 x 70 cm120 x 60 cm90 x 50 cm90 x 60 cmCustom format180g KovexTarpaulin 380gOutdoor PrintingNoneEyeletsCorner Guard

Why Print Banners Online?

Large format banners are an extremely powerful and useful advertising tool for any business. Advertising banners are very multi-purpose, extremely durable, and transmit your message in a loud and clear way. As an SME, it is in your advantage to print banners and use them to advertise your company when you attend events, and/or advertise your promotions and offers around your store.

The major advantage of printing large format banners is that you can use them literally anywhere to advertise your business and products. Thanks to the high-quality vinyl that we print banners on, they are extremely durable and easy to maintain. As a result, you can use printed banners both indoors and outdoors, and install them anywhere: from your stand at the local business conference to the entire front of your store or office building. Banners are easily placed in strategic and valuable areas with high levels of traffic. In fact, banners are a bit like mobile billboards, and we all know that those have extremely high marketing value.

In a nutshell, banners are a high-quality, premium, and durable advertising medium because:

  • They are extremely visible and can be placed/attached anywhere
  • They are weatherproof and therefore can be used indoors as well as outdoors
  • They are heat and UV-resistant They are easy to store, transport, and install
  • They are easy to keep clean thanks to the material used


Whether you print banners and intend to use them indoors or outdoors, Gogoprint prints banners with both hemming and grommets, to ensure maximum durability and usability. If you intend to use the printed banners outdoors, we have to recommend using heavy duty and high quality fastening solutions. For instance, cable ties are often used for attaching banners to their support. However, they are very rigid and therefore quite inadequate in circumstances of strong wind. Due to their inability to stretch, cable ties might cause your valuable advertising banner to rip. That is why we recommend using stretchable tension belts instead, to keep your printed banners safe. Our high resolution vinyl is perfect for the smaller banners that will be seen and observed from closer by, while the lower resolution vinyl is appropriate for larger banners that will be seen by people from further away.

From a design perspective, banners should be designed and printed with the same notions and objectives in mind as posters. In brief, the amount of text needs to be limited, and the font, font-color, and font-size need to be clearly legible from afar. In addition, you have to make sure that the proportions between text and graphical elements are appropriate and optimal for the communication of your marketing message. Gogoprint relies on the highest quality large format printing equipment, to ensure that you can print beautiful and durable banners. As with all other products, Gogoprint offers low prices and free delivery to most of the Malaysia for your banners.

4 Easy Steps To Print Online With Gogoprint

Step 1 - Choose and Configure Products

Select the product you want to order and choose formats, papers, colors, etc.

Then, select the quantity and how fast you need the products delivered

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We will help you through the configuration of the product

Step 2 - Payment

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Step 3 - File Upload

Upload Artwork File
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Design Service
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Step 4 - Delivery

Delivery is always free in Peninsular Malaysia! We deliver via CityLink & motorcycle messenger

24-Hour Production available
(1 day for production + 1 day for shipping)

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