Lanyards are used not just in office spaces but also in events, fairs and festivals. Their role has moved beyond simply utilitarian to being something more of a souvenir. So even after an event people will normally collect and keep their lanyard, especially if it is printed beautifully!

We are here to help you in picking and getting your Lanyards ready.

Importance of Lanyard Size and Dimensions

One of the most crucial aspects of designing a lanyard is ensuring the correct lanyard size and dimension. This is pivotal in ensuring that your branding or message is visible and doesn't look overcrowded or sparse.

The dimension of your lanyard not only affects its visual appeal but also its functionality. A lanyard that's too wide or too narrow might not sit comfortably around the neck, so it's essential to choose a lanyard size that's both functional and aesthetic.

Lanyard Material & Printing Options


This material is used for Silk screen printing in spot colours. The process prints the design in solid colours (no colour gradients/ transparency).




This material is used for Full-color Heat Transfer printing also called sublimation printing (including colour gradients/ transparency). Polyester is softer to feel compared to Nylon.



Lanyard Finishing

Finishing refers to the method of attaching the lanyard material. Lanyards can be sewed, riveted or clamped. The standard finishing is clamping. However, clamping is not available if you choose to attach a buckle.



Lanyard Accessories (Optional)

The standard attachment for our Lanyards is the Metal Clip (with an O-ring). You can also pick a Lobster hook or a Snap Hook instead.



You can choose to have a buckle or a swing buckle if required. A buckle is helpful, for example, if you attach an access card to the lanyard. The buckle will allow you to easily detach the card for scanning and then reattach it.



Safety Clip:

A Breakaway safety clip can be added to the Lanyard. This is meant for general safety, in case the lanyard gets stuck somewhere and is pulled sharply, the safety clip opens up releasing the lanyard and preventing any harm to the user.



Preparing the artwork

The artwork width depends on the Lanyard width - either 15 mm or 20mm. This dimension plays a pivotal role in ensuring the clarity and legibility of any text or logos on the lanyard.

Artwork Length:

Without a buckle:  The artwork length is 76.5cm


With buckle:  The artwork is in two parts. The length of the 1st part is 66.3cm. For the 2nd part about 4cm of the length will be visible.



For Silkscreen printing:

The artwork has to be in Spot colours (converting your artwork to Spot colours). There can be no colour gradients or transparencies – only solid colours.

For Full color printing:

The artwork has to be in CMYK and can have color gradients and transparency.

For both SIlkscreen & Full color printing the design has to be uploaded in a vector PDF file.

Always keep in mind the end purpose of your lanyard when deciding on artwork dimensions. Whether it's for an event, an office, or a promotional campaign, the lanyard dimension should be aligned with the intended use for maximum impact.

If you have any more queries don't hesitate to get in touch with us over the phone, chat or email. The Lanyards page is here. Happy printing!