A pull-up banner, also referred to as a roll-up banner, is a low-cost promotional advertising tool featuring a printed design. They are one of the most important components of a marketing strategy, which is why most companies, both big and small, utilise roll-up banners as a type of mobile advertising.

These pull-up banners are simple to set up and store until the next time they are needed. It can be utilised for both interior and outdoor advertising.

The whole point of using these displays is to communicate your marketing message to the general audience. However, choosing the appropriate pull-up banner size is critical because it can help your marketing efforts to be even better. So, here are some tips and tricks for you to get the best pull-up banner!

Pull-up Banner Usage

Unlike most advertising tools, pull-up banners are simple to install, disassemble, and keep until the next time they are needed. All you have to do is roll the banner into the base and make sure to put the telescoping pole in the slot in the rear of the stand and pack it in the accompanying soft case. 

Furthermore, they are long-lasting, be it in the sun, wind, or rain, these banners will survive the entire day and remain intact due to the high-quality material used to construct them. Also, carrying these banners to your selected site is fairly simple due to their lightweight and compact form. 

The best aspect of a pull-up banner is the awareness of one's brand. Whatever you intend to use these for, the message you want to convey will always be with you and visible to everyone around you, and of course, with the perfect quality and size!

Pull-up Banner Size Guide and Chart

A standard pull-up banner size measures 800mm wide by 2000mm high. This size banner is excellent for mobility and simplicity of usage, especially if you are going between events; it makes transporting and storage in a small space extremely simple.

Although the standard size is the usual go-to, there are various pull-up banner sizes you can choose from including:

Wide Pull-up Banners

This wide pull-up banner size is measured up to 2000mm wide, providing enough graphic space for you to be unique with your messaging and artwork. These banners are ideal for stand-alone displays, and photography backdrops.

Compact Pull-up Banner

When floor space is limited, the compact roll-up banner dimensions are just perfect. These banners are typically 615mm wide and up to 2090mm tall. Ideal if you're looking to place in a small space.

Desktop Pull-up Banner

These desktop pull-up banners are available as small roller banners. They are frequently placed on tables or countertops at events or in retail settings, and the majority of them are offered in A3 or A4 sizes.

Pull-up Banner with Gogoprint

Gogoprint is the place to go if you're seeking the best pull-up banner in town! We provide a selection of pull-up banners to help promote your business. They are perfect for regular business, events, and shows because they can be used indoors and outdoors. 

Why not hang a banner in front of your store or install a roll-up at the entrance to promote your latest promotion? It's definitely going to catch people's attention and send your message across.