Name cards are an important component for businesses of any size and in some cases also for customers looking to have personal, non-work-related detail cards. Running out of name cards when you most need them would be very unfortunate. For instance, let’s say you and your colleagues need to attend a large sales conference in a couple of days, but are out of cards! You absolutely do not want that to happen, because name cards are crucial to leave a strong first impression. It is therefore important to understand the process of ordering name cards, whether it’s for you, or for multiple people in your company. We’ve decided to dedicate an entire blog article to this, since it has been brought to our attention that it is not 100% clear.

So let’s have a look at the process, shall we?

1. Access the Gogoprint Name Cards section to order your name cards. 


2. Choose your products

First of all, you will be directed to our name card category page. Once there, you will notice different types of name cards we offer in gogoprint, select your preferred option from here. 

After making your choice, you’re going to need to select whether you want to upload your own files (after paying for your order), or whether you want our (super talented) designers to prepare your artwork for you (design fee required). Make sure to carefully read the design terms and conditions before placing the order.


3. Customize your order specifications

Once on the name cards page, you’re gonna want to select all the options for your name cards: your desired Format (standard or custom), whether you want One-Sided or Two-Sided printing, your Paper Type and finishing. You simply click the option that you prefer among the available options on this page.


4. Choose your delivery speed and add to your cart

To add the product to your cart, you’re going to select your desired Quantity & Delivery Speed.

This step is pretty straightforward! If you want 200 name cards and 24hrs production, you simply click on that exact cell in the price table to add the name cards to your cart.

The important bit is that each order item can only be associated with one artwork. In other words, this means that if you add 500 name cards to your cart, we will print 500 of the exact same name cards for you (i.e. for the same person). If what you actually need is rather 100 name cards for 5 different people, you will need 5 different order items in your shopping cart.

Worry not though, as there is an easy and fast way to do exactly this. We’ll get back to it later in the article.


5. Select the Additional Options you need in the pop-up

In the pop-up that shows up after clicking the quantity-production method combo that you desire, you can. The first drop-down enables you to pick whether the file that you want to upload is a pdf or any other kind (JPEG, PNG, PSD, EPS, TIFF or AI). We charge for files in a format other than pdf, because they keep our poor artwork closers busy for longer.

In the second dropdown, you can pick which kind of file check you would like for your artwork. We know it is ‘better to be safe than sorry’ and for that very reason it is standard operating procedure for us to perform a basic check of your file for free, in order to avoid any issues associated with common mishaps.

The Standard Check therefore aims to eliminate:

Missing bleed

○ Converting RGB to CMYK

○ Wrong format size

Another proof option is "Online Proof Check". This is to allow our team to check your files. We will not charge you any extra. You will receive an email confirming and approving that your work is completed. We will attach a pdf file to you via email as well. Please remember that if you choose this option, you will receive your printing delay 1 day or more.

Now that you have chosen these final options, the next step is to look at your order summary and once you are happy with your selection then click "Add to Cart"

6. Check the final details of your Shopping Cart

By clicking "Show Details" you can review the options you have selected up until this stage.

If you are happy with your selection, then go ahead and click Proceed to Checkout.


7. Ordering Name Cards for multiple people

Now back to the situation that we already mentioned before, here’s how to easily and conveniently do it.

What you will want to do is simply click the “Duplicate” button , which you can find between Show Details, and Delete. Duplicate will place another identical item in your cart (format type and weight, paper, refinement, quantity, production method, etc.). If you want different options for the different names (maybe because you’re the boss and want the fanciest cards), you will not be able to use the Duplicate button, but will rather have to go through the entire process again for each name.  However, that is quite unusual, as companies usually issue the same name cards for everybody. That’s why the Duplicate button is super useful!

It really is quick and easy this way and you will later attach the appropriate artwork file to the corresponding batch of name cards, i.e. the artwork for each person that needs name cards.  

Add as many duplicates as you want, and if you wish to change the options selected for the name cards or add other exciting Gogoprint products then simply click on Continue Shopping.

When you're set, Proceed to Checkout out to fill in your delivery address and pay for your order. Enjoy!