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How do I choose the product that I want to configure and order?

If you want to order a product from Gogoprint, you have to configure it on the website first. You can access all the products we offer through the drop-down menu on top of every page and through the slider on top of our homepage.
Clicking on the product you want to order from us will lead you to the configurator, where you will be asked step by step how you want your product printed.

How do I know which configuration option is best for my print job?

Explanations and tips are provided where necessary in the configurator, either in the couple of lines of text below the progress bar, or where you can see a (?) icon. However, if you still do not know which option to choose or do not understand the differences between options, don’t hesitate to call our customer service, chat with us, or send us an email. 

Can I order the same product with small variations in the artwork and/or text? For example, can I order 1000 business cards and upload 10 different artwork files because I need 10 different names on the business cards (100 each)?

If you want to see different versions of the artwork with any changes in text, layout, or design, it is necessary to order the same item multipf the minimum quantity for one version of the artwork, and the other half for another version.
le times, with a different version of the artwork uploaded each time. For technical reasons, it is not possible to order half oIn our example, this means that you need to order 10 times 100 business cards and upload a different artwork file for each one. You can easily do this by configurating 100 business cards once, and then duplicating that item (using the Duplicate button in your shopping cart) 9 times.

Can I divide the minimum order quantity between different products?

No. The quantities displayed in the configurator are for one version of the artwork only. 

Is there a way to save my configuration and print a quotation?

At the end of the configuration process, on the Extra page, you can download a quotation of your configured product by clicking the DOWNLOAD QUOTATION button.
Clicking ADD TO CART will automatically save the product you configured in your shopping cart. If you are not logged in, the configuration will be saved until you terminate your session. To save the configuration and be able to access it later on (after multiple days), you need to have a user account and be logged in when you add the configuration to your cart.
Please note that your quotation will only be valid for 14 days.

How can I access my shopping cart and make changes to it?

If you are not logged into Gogoprint, you can access your shopping cart by clicking the icon at the top right of your screen to review the items that you configured and added during your current session.
If you are logged into your Gogoprint account, you can also click the shopping cart icon to review which products you added to your cart not only during your current session, but also during previous sessions.
The Shopping cart page lists all the products that you recently configured, and added to the cart, but did not order yet. For each product you can see the quantity ordered, the exact configuration options chosen, as well as expected production and delivery dates, and the price.
If you decide not to buy any items that are currently in your cart, you can easily delete them from the list by clicking the “Delete” button under that exact product. If you decide to order the same item multiple times (let’s say you want the same business card with different names on it), you can use the “Duplicate” button to quickly add them to your cart.

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