9 Stunning Product Packaging Designs to Unlock Your Printspiration

If you read our article about Product Packaging, you know that design is one of the most important elements of every successful business. Being a critical component in building a brand’s identity and image, creative product packaging represents a huge opportunity for companies to communicate with customers via marketing messages and graphic design.

After talking about the importance of good design, we decided to show you 9 printspirational product packaging designs to unleash your creativity!

1. Not Your Usual Honey

Say goodbye to boring honey packages. To attract shoppers’ attention to their new product, Bug Spit honey created a colorful label with a cute bee character and a daring product name.

Don’t be afraid to stand out! If you are in a competitive niche, do something unusual to grab customers’ attention. Use vibrant colors, brand mascots, and cheeky CTAs to create fun and unusual design.

Unusual honey jar packaging

2. Catchy Produce Packaging

When it comes to promoting vegetables, things might get complicated... However, you can come up with a creative package to intrigue consumers. Play around with your veg features, just like this company that sells hot peppers!

Don’t forget to include some additional information to help customers make an educated decision. They will appreciate your effort and recommend your brand to others.

Creative spicy pepper product packaging

3. Eco-Friendly Recycled Brownie Paper

If you use organic ingredients in your recipes, consider sustainable packaging to win the trust of eco-friendly consumers. People who appreciate natural and healthy foods will be more willing to try out your product.

Plus, making such packaging won’t cost you much. Print a simple black and white design on wax paper and secure it with a small cute sticker.

Eco-friendly recycled brownie wrapping paper

4. Think Outside the Box

Just look at this chocolate packaging. Using a sardine box to brand something sweet is definitely a very creative idea. Try to combine 2 most unexpected things together to get a design no one has thought about before.

Chocolate packed in a sardine tin can

5. Pattern Design

You don’t always need to put your logo or brand name on product packaging. If you have a unique pattern and colours that represent your brand, that’s more than enough for brand recognition. Take Hopd Coffee as an example.

Pattern design on disposable paper cups

6. Vegetables to Go

The healthy lifestyle is trending and more businesses want to leverage it. If you are one of them, take a look at this fascinating vegetable packaging. This onigiri look would excite even a kid who doesn’t like veg.

To create similar packaging, use clear plastic wrap and put your branded stickers on it.

Onigiri packaging for vegetables

7. Cute Emojis Are Taking Over the World

If youngsters are your target audience, make your packaging bright and fun. A cute paper bag with funny characters will definitely do the trick and attract younger generations to your brand.

Emoji paper bags

8. Brand Regular Packages with Stickers

Who says you need to print your own boxes to have branded goods? Buy disposable food containers, paper cups, jars, or bottles and brand them with stickers. Hassle-free and very affordable!

Stickers on clear plastic packages

9. Jars of Happiness

If you sell products in a glass jar, you have unlimited options to make them look more appealing. Just come up with a cute label design to convey a positive message. It doesn’t need to be complicated. Labels are one of the most simple promotional products and don’t require much time to design.

Smiley faces on glass jars

We hope you found some inspirational designs to try out! Don’t forget to check our blog to learn more about print design and marketing!