When you order our stickers, you will come across a few options: mainly sticker sheet and sticker roll. While they’re both stickers, they function differently and are usually used for different purposes. At Gogoprint, we offer a wide range of materials for both sticker options. As for their differences, read further into our article and learn more about them! 


What are Sticker Sheets?

Sheet stickers are pretty much just sheets of paper, that comes with printed stickers on them. They're typically printed from laser or inkjet printers. At Gogoprint, our sticker sheets come in the traditional A4 size (w21cm x h29.7cm) and in different materials silver stickers, kraft paper stickers, mirrorcoat, you name it! 


What are Sticker Rolls?

Sticker rolls are stickers in a rolled format. To print them, they require specific printers such as inkjet roll printers, thermal transfer printers or direct thermal printers. As for how it is done, these stickers are basically spun around a cardboard spool and then mounted inside the roll printer. During the printing process, the stickers will pass through a machine and be brought out one-by-one. Sticker roll cores can come in various sizes, in our case, we have 2 options: 3.8cm core size and 7.6 core size. Just like sticker sheets, our sticker rolls have a wide variety of materials as well. 


Sticker Roll vs Sticker Sheet 

There are many factors that can affect your decision on choosing between these 2 sticker types. To help you find out what’s the best option for your stickers, we've listed out a few factors that differentiate these stickers.

When it comes to colors, there are full color printing and spot color printing. Gogoprint’s sticker rolls can print both spot color and full color, which means they have a wider range of colors including vibrant ones! Our sticker sheets on the other hand have only full color printing. Regardless, the full color printing option means you can print with rasters without much limitations to your sticker design. 

You can choose your sticker options based on quantity alone as well. If you want to print stickers in bulk, and we’re talking about as many as 1000 pieces, sticker rolls are the way to go. Not to mention, the cost of printing for sticker rolls are much lower. 

On the other hand, you can print as low as 50 pieces with sticker sheets, an amount that is not possible with sticker rolls. 

If it comes down to urgency, it highly depends, sticker sheet is the sprint, while sticker roll is the marathon. Generally, sticker rolls can be printed in bulk in a short amount of time. However, if you need a few sets of stickers immediately, you can consider printing sticker sheets first before opting for sticker rolls.

Sticker rolls are typically cheaper. The more you print, the less cost it gets! Most mass-produced goods for example opt for sticker rolls due to their cost-effectiveness and high-volume printing.

If it comes down to consistency and quality, sticker rolls are also generally better as they are printed one sticker at a time with a great amount of resources.


Have you decided on which sticker type yet? Whichever you need, we at Gogoprint can deliver high quality stickers, no matter the size, shape, material or type! Just be sure to pick the more suitable option for your design, and you’ll be on the right track. 

With that out of the way, happy sticker printing!