Promotional Pens are one of the most popular corporate gift items. They make the perfect gift because they offer real-world advantages:

  • great utility, which means frequent use and hence greater visibility

  • portability, so your brand image goes everywhere the pen goes

  • relative inexpensiveness even while they give a premium feel to the owner

Promotional pens are now available on Gogoprint in a number of designs and colors. We also give customers a number of printing options so that you can really make your pens stand out. In order to clarify the ordering process, we have developed a brief guide to help you in ordering the right pen for your needs.


Choosing the printing areas:

You can print up to 2 spot colors on our Promotional Pens - on the barrel.


Different Pen models also have different dimensions for the printable areas on the barrel. So be sure to keep in mind the printing area size limits when planning/creating your design.


Choosing the print area of promotional pens


How the printing options affect the price:

By default, a design must be in 1 or 2 colors (reach out to us via phone, email or chat if you want to print on the clip). Our pens are printed using the Pad printing process. In this process, not only does a new design need a new block, but also each separate color requires a new block and affects the final price of the product. Since the block is a one-time cost, the more pens you order, the cheaper each pen becomes.


Preparation and submission of artwork:

Always remember to check the maximum dimensions of the printable area for the pen model you wish to order, as your design will always be printed to fit into this area.


Please also take care of the following items while finalizing your artwork file:



You will need to upload 1 file per printed area on the pen.

That’s about all there is to take care of. Quite easy actually! The Promotional Pens page is here. Happy printing!