Are you thirsty for more marketing products to promote your brand? What better way than to promote your company with promotional drinkwares filled with your favorite drinks? Drinkware gives you another opportunity to market your company through different platforms.

In Gogoprint, we can make drinkware customizable for your company, including a variety of options like mugs, cups and water bottles. With this article, you’ll get to know the different types of materials commonly used for promotional drinkware in the market and the most frequent questions we get at Gogoprint to help you get started when you order our promotional products!


Eco-friendly Drinkwares

First on our list is a group of wheat straw / bamboo fiber based products, wheat straw is basically made from a stalk that remains after harvesting of wheat grains, while bamboo fiber is made from naturally grown bamboo fiber. Both of these materials are Eco-friendly, biodegradable, reusable and BPA Free.


Plastic Water Bottles

Custom printed plastic water bottles are a great alternative to disposable bottles. Custom plastic water bottles can be used by anyone. You can provide them as a gift to your staff to fill up with their favorite beverages for example. Our website has a wide range of plastic drinkware in different sizes, shapes, styles and colors, that you might be able to find the ideal bottle best suited for your marketing needs!


Anti-Fall Drinkwares

If you’re prone to knocking over things accidentally, this Anti-Fall Drinkware will solve your problem and help you reduce spillage accidents. It comes with a clever grip-pad design that even with the slightest bump, the bottle/mug/cup will not tip over. It works on flat and smooth surfaces such as desks or tables. It can detach itself quickly and easily when you lift it up straight.


Ceramic Mug

Ceramic Mugs are a powerful personalised gift that will last well into the future. They are effective in building relationships, boosting your brand’s recognition, and generating leads. Gogoprint offers several mug models including magic mugs to fit your business requirements. Magic mug is a full black mug at first, but its color will change and reveal your design when filled with hot liquid, like magic!



Now that we have covered on our various drinkwares offered at Gogoprint, here are the commonly asked questions when it comes to drinkwares:

How are your ceramic mugs packaged? Are they packed individually or bubble wrap?

Each ceramic mug will be packed with a clear plastic bag and put into a plain white box that keeps your mug safe for delivery.

Are the plastic water bottles (eg : sport water bottle, shaker bottle and etc) able to withstand heat? 

Generally plastic water bottles aren’t meant to hold hot beverages, if you wish to hold hot drinks for a longer period, our insulated tumbler might be the better option.

Are the plastic drinkware BPA free?

Most of the plastic products are manufactured using a chemical process, if you are looking for BPA free drinkware, you can check out our wheat straw or bamboo fiber drinkware.

Is there a warranty?

Unfortunately we do not offer a warranty for drinkwares products. If you have any concerns about the drinkwares, please contact us and we'll be glad to support you!

Can we customise the packaging of the drinkware (eg: ceramic mug) to become a gift?

We do not offer a custom packaging for our drinkware, thus most of the drinkwares will come with their original packaging.



If you still have more questions concerning our promotional items, feel free to drop us a call or email us. 

Now that you know the characteristics and types of our drinkwares, you can get started on choosing the ideal promotional drinkware for your brand and customize it with your logo or more!

Sip Sip Hurray!