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Offset Booklets
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  • ProductOffset Booklets

General Information

  • FormatDIN A4 Portrait
  • Pages8 pages
  • BookbindingAdhesive binding

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  • Paper260g Art Card
  • ColorsFull Color on Front & Back
  • FinishingNone

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  • Quantitypieces
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  • FormatDIN A4 Portrait
  • Pages8 pages
  • BookbindingAdhesive binding

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  • Paper260g Art Card
  • ColorsFull Color on Front & Back
  • FinishingNone
  • Quantity pieces
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Product Details Offset Booklets

Print Brochures Online

Print high quality Booklets to:

  • Present your company’s annual reports and other detailed information
  • Create cool yearbooks, photobooks, and diaries
  • Hand out handbooks, and course material for students
DIN A4 PortraitDIN A5 PortraitDIN A6 PortraitDIN B5 PortraitDIN B6 PortraitDIN A4 LandscapeDIN A5 LandscapeDIN A6 LandscapeDIN B5 LandscapeDIN B6 LandscapeDIN DL PortraitFront & Back70g simili paper80g simili paper100g simili paper128g Art Paper157g Art Paper210g Art Card260g Art Card310g Art CardFull Color on Front & BackBlack Color on Front & BackNoneNoneLamination MatteLamination GlossyUV CoatingLamination matte + spot-UV (1-side)
  • 310g Art Card paper:

    310g Art Card is the heaviest paper that we offer for the inside of your booklets. Absolutely perfect if you want your booklet to feel as qualitative and premium as possible

  • 260g Art Card paper:

    260g Art Card paper offers some of the advantages of our 310g Art Card paper, but at a lower cost. Picking 260g Art Card paper is a good way to limit cost for your premium booklets while maximizing the sensory impact of your vision.

  • 210g Art Card paper:

    210g Art Card paper is a great entry opportunity for premium booklet printing. It is highly appreciated for its low cost, and its classier feel and look, which makes it the perfect balance for many.

  • 157g Art paper:

    157g Art Paper will give your high volume booklets a sturdy and premium feel. Reflect the quality and premium aspect of your company, and make a lasting impression.

  • 128g Art paper:

    128g Art Paper offers some of the advantages of 157g Art paper, but at a lower cost. Picking 128g Art paper is a good way to limit cost while maximizing the sensory impact of your booklets.

  • 100g Simili paper:

    100g Simili paper is one of the most popular options for booklet printing. It is highly appreciated for its low cost, and its classier feel and look over 80g Simili paper. The perfect balance for many.

  • 80g Simili paper:

    80g Simili is the lightest and most cost-effective inside paper when it come to booklet printing with Gogoprint. Although it is our lightest paper, high quality is assured. In addition, it allows you to keep the weight of your booklets low, which is important if you mail/ship them!

  • Glossy Lamination:

    Lamination consists of a thin plastic film covering your booklets and protecting them against water, scuffs, and worn edges. Choosing Lamination adds elegance and quality to your products, emphasizing your own standards. Glossy Lamination reflects light, and will give colors more pop and vibrance, which is perfect for photos.

  • Matte Lamination:

    Lamination consists of a thin plastic film covering your booklets and protecting them against water, scuffs, and worn edges. Choosing Lamination adds elegance and quality to your products, emphasizing your own standards. Matte Lamination almost completely eliminates glare (light reflection) issues, and gives your brochures a classy, smooth touch.

Why Booklets?

As a business or individual, there are a variety of reasons to print booklets, depending on how you prefer to call them. Regardless of the reason to print, what matters is that your booklets are printed in high quality, according to the exact specification that you need, and at low prices. Gogoprint offers you an extensive range of options to fulfill your requirements, and our dedicated sales and customer service team is always ready to support you with your requests.

As a business, there are 2 typical reasons to print booklets: product and services booklets, and annual reports. Printing extensive product or services booklets is usually aimed at providing customers with an exhaustive overview of your product offering (think about Ikea’s or Officemate’s  booklets), or at presenting specific aspects of your business and services. Printing such booklets is good for the customers because it allows them to physically browse through your products and services. Just picture it: isn’t it just lovely to go through Ikea’s  booklets in your couch, with a nice cup of coffee and a pencil to mark the items that you fancy? From a company perspective, printed booklets are usually associated with a high degree of customer engagement, higher than is the case with most online booklets. As such, printing interesting/original booklets represents a way to engage with your customers, and drive revenue since new booklets are something that customers look forward to receiving in their mailbox. Many (admittedly larger) companies also print and send their customers quarterly or semi-annual booklets/magazines that serve as long newsletters to update customers on developments within the company and its product range.

The second form of booklets that companies print every year in large numbers is annual reports. At the end of the financial year, companies are required by law to produce an annual report that sums up and analyzes that year’s activities and performance. This is crucial to keep shareholders and other potential investors up-to-date. As a lot of time typically goes into preparing the annual report, companies logically want it to be printed in high quality, as it is supposed the reflect the company’s performance and growth over the past year.

If you are not a business but rather another type of organization such as a school, non-governmental organization (NGO), or an association of some sort, you might want to print booklets when you need to print and distribute handbooks, yearbooks, course material, directories, or any other type of recurrent publication that you may have (a magazine for instance). Similarly, if you’re an artist, printing booklets in the highest quality can be a great way to show off your portfolio.

If you are neither a business, or any other kind of organization, but rather an individual, you may want to print booklets for some of your personal projects. For instance, you might want to share with families and friends a photobook about your recent wedding, your trip around the world, or the birth of your child. Printing photobooks, printing  booklets, printing magazines, and printing booklets is the same thing! You might also want to share the book that you just wrote.

The point is quite clear: there are many valid scenarios to print booklets. More than the reason to do so, the quality with which the booklets are printed matters most. Booklets and magazines need to be enjoyed by their readers, and therefore need to look and feel nice. They directly reflect your business’ dedication to quality and customers. That is why Gogoprint exclusively relies on the highest quality and most reliable offset printing equipment, to ensure that your booklets come out exactly like you imagined them. To make sure that you control the look and feel of your booklets, as well as its cost, Gogoprint offers you a variety of options from paper weight and type, to cover paper, refinement, and bookbinding. Printing booklets is often a complex process, which is why our staff is ready to support you with any questions. Gogoprint is here to make printing easy for everyone. Just try it, and get your products conveniently delivered at home. (more information about how to order)

View our portfolio of Offset Booklets

  • Brochure 40 x 60 cm

    50g bond cover

    50g bond paper

    Full Color on Inside and Out

    No Lamination

  • Brochures 21 x 29 cm

    125g bond cover

    125g bond paper

    Full Color on Inside and Out

    Staple binding

    No Lamination

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