Flyers / Leaflets are effective marketing tools in the hands of marketers and companies. A unique flyer / leaflet design can build a trustworthy brand identity for your small business. Ever received flyers, just to end up throwing it into the bin right after or even using it as a bin liner? Thousands of flyers / leaflets are distributed on a daily basis. Thus, if you'd like to understand more on how to increase the visibility of your brand, read on to discover the upcoming and rising trends that will help your flyers / leaflets to standout amongst the others.

1. Vibrant Colors

Aside from the Neutral color palette, vibrant, bold, strong colors are set to be one of the design trends in 2020. If you’ve wanted to experiment with vibrant, bold, strong colors, now is the time to do it.

Figure 1: Design by Ina Yun

2. Typography

Typography is a huge player in design, designers may be experimenting a lot with typography big time in 2020. Outlined type has also made an interesting transition into graphic design, especially when used with a thick bold font. As it can make your content imperative without being overwhelming.

Figure 2: Design by Menna Diaa

3. Minimalism

Minimalist design trends are something something that’s not going away anytime soon. Designers will come out with design concepts that involve a minimum amount of design elements to convey the message that people can understand instantly.

Figure 3: Design by Алиса Брюква

4. Collages of graphic and real-life photos

A quite interesting and creative trend that has emerged recently is combining real-life photos with simple illustrations, graphics or text. Combining photos and graphics can be simple but eye catching.

Figure 4: Design by KOUSHIK BHATTACHAR

5. Colored Fonts

More and more flyers/leaflets will have colored fonts, they are the next big thing in graphic design in 2020. It can come in multiple colors, different transparencies to all kinds of text. We can expect the use of colored fonts in other printing materials as well. 

Figure 5: Design by Daria Duta


We hope these latest design trends will help in creating unique flyers / leaflets that stand out.
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