A well-designed name card is one of the assets that best describes you and your company. Today, trends are always evolving, and this applies to name cards designs as well. Which is why you have to keep up to date with trends to present yourself to customers. Before you design and print your business / name cards, have a look at the design trends we outline below. We’ve seen just over half a year of business / name card orders, so we know what will make you stand out and look state-of-the-art. 


1. Vibrant Colors

Colors bring out the emotions of your customers. What better way than to attract their attention through bright and beautiful color schemes? This cutting-edge style shows off its boldness and is best suited for modern industries.

Name Card Design by Marina Cardoso


2. Large Bold Font

Speaking about boldness, fonts have now gotten bigger and bolder. All to draw attention to your most relevant content (eg: the name, logo or a slogan). Large fonts contrast better if placed on a plain background, but don’t forget that the font should portray the personality of your brand. In short, use your typography wisely and never be afraid to go all out! 

Name Card Design by David Robinson


3. Minimalism

Minimalism has been around for a long time and is still going strong to this day. In name card designs, there is emphasis on clean lines and simple fonts to bring out the timelessness of your cards. Furthermore, minimalism also helps customers to get the information they need from your card, while remaining easy to the eye, a win win!

Name card design by Veronika DesignLoockStudio


4. Name Cards with Unique Dimensions

The standard card size in Gogoprint is a rectangular shape of  9x5.4cm. However you don’t always have to go with the usual, am cards can come in different dimensions. As long as it has the information, even a mini square shaped name card is enough to stand out among others. We also offer rounded corners too in case you don’t want your cards to be too edgy! ;)

Name Card Design by Jannat Ara


5. Signatures

If you like your signature, placing it on name cards is not a bad idea. This trend goes back to the pre-digital era, and emphasizes more personal business relationships with customers. It makes use of cursive, thin fonts, placed in a portion of the name card. Signatures are no longer just for documents and autographs, it can also be a great design choice on name cards!

Name Card Design by Keith Lam


6. Unique Materials

Aside from the common paper materials, why not go for something extraordinary? Textured cards for example, give your clients an increased sensory experience. If that is not unusual enough, leather, rubber, metal or plastic can be considered to create interactions between your customers and your brand. These cards make great use of their material to stand out among other common name cards. 

Name Card Design by Sion Hsu



We hope these latest design trends inspired you with all the possible ways to create and print your custom business / name cards. With these ideas, you’ll surely be on top of the name card game and exceed your customer’s expectations with your amazing designs. Just don’t forget, your brand’s first impression is the key and creative name cards help you open those doors.

When you get your design ready, head over to our name cards page and pick what you need. We offer a wide range of name card materials, sizes, and finishes for you to pick from. You can see all our prices online, order in just a few clicks, and get your products delivered as fast as today. 

If you’re feeling inspired, show off your designed name card today with Gogoprint!