It only takes 7 seconds!

Yes! You only have the first seven seconds to impress your new client with witty banter and charisma. That’s right, you're shooting for an immediate positive reaction when meeting someone in person so they will want to work together later on down the line - but how do you maintain this momentum? The way you dress and carry yourself says a lot about who you are as an individual, but fabulous outfits won't help much if your hands are dry! 

Introducing yourself is only the first step in establishing a long term relationship. You need to exchange name cards and keep up with what's going on at each others' places of employment, as well!  Here are some tips for building rapport and looking attentive when exchanging business cards.

First, bring stocks everywhere you go!



Opportunity is knocking on your door. It can be difficult to know what kind of opportunity will come through, but you never have an excuse not to take a chance if it's there for the taking! Be ready to take advantage of this chance and carry plenty of business cards with you at all times! Carrying business cards will ensure that any occasion that calls for one won't leave disappointed!

Keep cards close at all times

If you want to look confident, have your business cards close by. Again, you never know when your next client is going to show up. Make sure that they can have all of the information necessary in front of them when they first meet you. With everything come prepared, it will look like you’ve got everything under control.  This also shows that you are ready for any situation, which is why having these essentials on hand will make sure nothing gets between you and your new clients.

Treat your business card professionally



Treat your business card with care to make sure you don't give off a sloppy or amateurish vibe when potential clients see them for the first time. Keep it clean and crisp, with the correct information clearly displayed on both sides of the page. On a side note, think wisely about your name card designs and text arrangement because they will direct your client on important information.

Share a fresh business card every time



Handing out fresh cards is always a good idea. It's not just about how your contact information looks on the surface, it also sets an initial tone for any conversation you have with someone and can help them get used to thinking of you in terms that go beyond “just another face in line." It's important that your name card printing be up-to-date because it will make them think more highly about contacting or working together in some way!

The DO’s and DON’Ts when sharing a business card

DO - Take the time to read it before storing away. This shows that you’re interested in who your talking with and also helps make sure there are no mistakes on their end!

DON’T - Don't leave the other person’s card on the table. Instead, always place it somewhere professional or reachable such as your pocketbook so you don't leave them feeling uncomfortable when reaching for yours!

DO - Always offer it with the contact details facing up. The way you do this will depend on local customs but for most countries in Asia two hands are used as a polite gesture while others such as western countries prefer one hand to be placed against their chest so that they can feel more confident in meeting someone new.

DON’T - Do not rush the business. Hand over your business card with a smile, but don't be too eager. It is important to remember that you should wait until after a conversation has been going on for a while before asking if they would like your card.


When exchanging business cards, it is important to be well prepared and aware of the etiquette when receiving and handing out the business card. The goal should always remain to keep your client's interest while building trust with them before moving forward into an agreement or meeting for that matter! Make sure that when exchanging cards, you have your game on point by following the simple rules mentioned. If you looking for a name cards template, visit our website to find what suits your business the most.