With the year coming close to an end, it’s never too late to get your marketing strategy ready for the upcoming new year, and how you want your company to grow in the next year. 

Year end sales promotion is the most common strategy among all businesses worldwide, and flyers leaflets are the perfect medium for you to incorporate such a strategy into the mix. Here in Gogoprint, we will make it easier by sharing a mix of sales promotion ideas to give you a boost in your year end deals through flyers and leaflets. Without further ado, let’s get started!


Tip 01- Create Attention-grabbing Product Images

Product photos and visuals play an essential role in making potential customers find out about the promotions and sales going on in your upcoming deals. So it is best to make product images in your flyers / leaflets as appealing as possible. As the year end is best known for major offers and discounts. Customers would expect your business to offer these kinds of promotions. The best way to make the most out of product images is to add labels with a customized design and text. 


Tip 02 - Prepare a Flash Sales Promotional Ad

A flash sale creates a sense of urgency for customers to purchase immediately. A good flash sale promotion ad can increase sales at the heat of the moment and create awareness. For example, including a call to action in your flyer is mandatory, with words like “for a limited time only!” or “buy now!” for increased sense of urgency. For flash sales, it is best to make the promotion short as well, after all it is called a flash sale! 


Tip 03 - Include a Voucher or Coupon into Your Flyer / Leaflet

Speaking of year-end deals, flyers or leaflets are flexible mediums that can also come with a voucher. After all, people always love discount coupons. If flash sales aren’t enough, you can also include a coupon into your flyer design! Just be sure that the coupons / vouchers come with a great discount.


Tip 04 - Recurring Sales

Recurring sales can offer great deals especially in the year-end season such as Black Friday, Christmas, and New Year. This is the time where people wait most of the year expecting year end deals to buy products. A recurring sale generates pent-up demands, and people are willing to spend when it hits. During this holiday season, it is the perfect time to distribute your flyers / leaflets when your year-end recurring sale comes around! 


Tip 05 - Use Certain Colors for Your Flyer / Leaflet

Tweaking your flyer / leaflet with a blend of colors related to the holiday season may spark some excitement to your customers. This can be useful when customers get engaged or relate to the mood through the colors and appearance. One of the few commonly used color combinations for the year-end promotions are white, red, and green. Depending on the brand, you can blend any of these colors when designing your flyer or leaflets!


Tip 06 - Cashback Promotion

Other than just discounts, spending money where you can get something back in return sounds like an attractive deal nowadays. That’s right, cashback promotions have become one of the latest trends in 2020. For you to generate sales during the year end, drive volume through your channels and reward customers, cashback promotions are a great opportunity to do just that. Just remember to create flyers / leaflets around it for more awareness of your promotion! 


Tip 07 - A link back to you

Finally, never miss out to include a link in your flyers/leaflet, your website address, social handles or phone number. When potential customers read your end of year promotion, they should be prompted to take immediate action when they are interested in the offer. It never hurts the design to slot in all of your contact information as flyers / leaflets have a large area to play around with!



It is best to prepare beforehand and let the customers know that you are giving them a positive head-start on promotions, that is where advertisements come in. Flyers and leaflets are great advertisement tools that can convey that message. If you need more pointers in designing your flyers, our previous article got it covered as well.

Now that you got our year end promotion ideas for your inspiration, check out our website for more information regarding flyers and leaflets!