Restaurant Marketing with Waitrr

Culinary business is probably one of the industries that would never vanish since we all need food. However, with the growing competition, it is getting harder and harder for restaurants to stay afloat. The Most common mistake among F&B businesses is an ineffective marketing strategy. As a business owner, you need to think about the right marketing approach. There are many ways to do marketing for your restaurant business but you need to find the one that will work for you. These days you can use numerous online and offline channels. But do you know which channel is the most effective for your business? Let’s take a look at some tips your restaurant can do to improve performance.

Social Media Ads and Utilization

We all know that social media has been the required tool to do marketing for any kind of business. When you have a restaurant business, it’s important for you to utilize different social media platforms. There You can display your food pictures and make them as appealing as you can.

It’s important because now people are looking for detailed information before purchasing anything online. You might use  Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Snapchat. You need to be visible on all the social media platforms that allow you to post pictures. To reach more people from your target audience, use Sponsored Posts advertising.

Loyalty Programs

It’s a common marketing strategy but you still need to do it for effective customer retention. You might not know how much a simple reward can impact customers buying decision.

Use Loyalty cards your customers can use everytime they make a purchase. When they buy something from you a certain number of times, they can get a free gift or one of your signature dishes.

You can order high-quality loyalty cards from Gogoprint, printing services in Singapore.

Don’t Leave the Email Marketing

Even though most of us never really open or read business newsletters, it’s important for you to update your customers on the current updates. it will make them remember your brand and become more interested in the promotions or your new menu. Don’t forget to make your newsletter as simple as you can so the customers can easily read all the important information as fast as possible.

Use the Booking and Payment Food Apps

It’s important to go digital. Using a food app is one of the best ways to use digital technology to improve your business.

In a busy city like Singapore where people tend to go order from restaurants while they are working, it’s important to save your customers’ time by using a mobile payment and ordering apps. The app can automate ordering and payment processes. It will allow restaurants to increase the staff capacity and provide more personalized, premium service to the guests. By using food delivery apps, your guests will skip the queue and get food at the desired time. It will definitely increase your restaurant revenue and create a delightful experience for your guests.

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Restaurant Marketing with Waitrr

Reach out to Influencers

You can’t deny that you will need influencers to give a shout out about your business. You can choose either food bloggers, vloggers, or Instagram influencer. You can reach out to the local influencers and give them a brief introduction about your restaurant and discuss with them what would be the best reward that you can give them, either it’s an in-kind reward like free dishes and vouchers, or cash. measure the reward amount by looking at the number of subscribers and monthly traffic they get.

Maintain your Service Quality

As said in the paragraph above, don’t forget to focus on your offline services. Running a restaurant business you will have multiple challenges because you need to make sure your guests get the best experience.

Pay attention to how your employees work, the quality of food, and the ambiance of your restaurant. Is it what you want to offer your guest? If your restaurant can completely satisfy the needs of your customers, it will be easy for you to get a good reputation from the people that have visited your restaurant.

Pay Attention to Online Review

An excellent quality service would have a positive impact on the reviews your restaurant receives. In the F&B industry, reviews are everything. You need to always pay attention to what people say about your restaurant online. Online comments will impact how people perceive your brand and affect their decision to try your food. Use Google alerts to see when someone talks about your business on the Internet

These are the few strategies you can try out to build an effective restaurant marketing strategy. Of course, There are more techniques you can test but those ones are the most relevant for the current market. Don’t forget to always ask your customers about their opinion and think what are your customers’ wants and needs, and how you can adjust your marketing strategy to satisfy even the pickiest foodie.