If you love treating yourself some bubble tea, coffee, or even snacks, you will definitely be familiar with loyalty cards. As the name suggests, in exchange for your loyalty :), discounts and promotions are offered the more you purchase the products from the business. Loyalty cards are an excellent way to generate sales and serve as a great marketing tool for spreading the word about your company. The concept of loyalty cards is straightforward. When a customer visits your store and makes a purchase, a stamp will be placed on their card. This can encourage customers to return to your store for repeat business. 

The following are the reasons why loyalty cards are great to use as a marketing tool for your business.


Increase Frequency Of Sales

Loyalty cards can ensure consistent flow of revenue, as they encourage customers to return as many times as possible to take advantage of your company’s exclusive deals. In other words, the more products you buy, the more offers you get in return. The promotion doesn’t always have to offer a lot as well, it can be a free cup of bubble tea from 10 purchases, for example! Regardless of the offer, loyalty cards are a win-win situation for both the business and the customers.


Make Customers Feel Rewarded 

With the rise of many competitors, customers may switch to rival companies at a drop of a hat. By creating loyalty cards, you can make most consumers stick with your brand longer, and make them feel more relevant and attached to your business. Loyalty is royalty after all, reward your loyal customers often to keep them coming back for more!


Increase Product Awareness

Loyalty card programmes can be used to encourage customers to try something new the next time they shop with you. Let's say you recently launched a new flavor of bubble tea, you can integrate your new bubble tea as the reward from the loyalty card. Who knows, customers might enjoy the new bubble tea so much that they’ll buy it the next time they come back! Aside from that, changing the reward once a while can make things more exciting, don’t you think?


Increase Exposure

Word of mouth works best from loyalty cards! Customers are likely to recommend their friends to join them in purchasing your products. For example, if your card requires a certain amount to get a stamp, customers may ask people they know to reach that quota. Get creative with your loyalty cards, and you might get a whole family to shop at your store! ;)


Learn More About Your Customers

A loyalty card programme is a great way to generate customer data, as it allows a company to track and analyse customers' purchasing habits. With the data gathered, you can then modify your marketing plans to match your customer’s needs.



As we have seen so far, loyalty cards can boost brand loyalty, make your loyalty program easy, gather information and all kinds of benefits. Not to mention, loyalty cards are fun to design as well! If you already have a loyalty card design ready, why not try printing them with Gogoprint?

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